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Gamepack's 'Grandissimo' Christmas Contest!

First prize: Alcazar - The New Big Boss
Second prize: Die Tore der Welt / World without End
Third prize:
Stone Age
The Holidays are imminent! This time of the year always is an extra pleasant time to spend with your beloved ones.
Cosyness, close to the fire - I know: or central heating (for you unromantic dullheads not wanting to go along with the described romantic atmosphere!) and a nice conversation together with a good glass of wine. Papers come with their annual lists of best or worst this and that, and usually print a nice and big puzzle of some kind. We do not want to stay behind, and here we present the already infamous and ultimate Gamepack Christmas Contest®!

When playing, we not only enjoy the game itself or the social part of being together with friends; we also enjoy the game components and the way it is presented. Nice components add to the atmosphere, as do the illustrations. The board usually has many nice details, and the cards - have we ever looked at the backside of them? I mean, really good? This contest will give you the chance to show your knowledge and determine which image goes with what game. So are you really that expert you always claimed to be, or will you be exposed as the ignorant who must live in shame forever? Take the challenge below, and win some nice games too!

The collage below shows 51 images from games. Why 51 and not 50? Well, for the same reason barbaric countries punish with a more 'humane' 49 instead of 50 whiplashes - I ended up with 51 instead of 50 having miscounted one in scanning the images!
The images either show the back of a card in whole, or some part of the game board. Each game is presented only once, all illustrations have kept their original aspect ratio, as well as the ratio to each other - no squeezing or distortion has been done.

Surrounding the images is a list of titles from various games. The list contains all shown games, you merely match the illustration with a title from the list; so if you think illustration # 1 is from Tikal, you enter 1.15 - so far for the easy part. But to make things more challenging, some additional titles have been thrown in, and now there are 62 titles to choose from!
Games that have been released internationally are stated with their German and international title, both having the same list number.

There are some obvious 'suspects', but also a couple of really nasty ones. Games go back as far as 1986 (!) but luckily the internet and Google are at hand!
For a tie, state in your solution what percentage of participants you think will give the correct answers, or, in failing that - so when nobody has all answers right - the percentage of those who will give the second best correct answers. Do not hesitate if you cannot link all the images to their respective titles; maybe you have the same trouble with it as everyone else. So still send in your answers, even if you have one or more missing title on your list.

Answers can be sent to:
Don't forget to include your address!
The contest is open to all readers.
Closure date: Jan 1, 2010

So it's:
Candidates: ready set, go!
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